• May 7, 2016

May 7: Hot Wheels Garage Event

May 7: Hot Wheels Garage Event

May 7: Hot Wheels Garage Event Automobile Driving Museum


Hot Wheels® Garage features displays of life-size cars and numerous Hot Wheels® tracks and cars to race with.In addition, a face painter and balloon artist will also be available for the kid’s enjoyment. The ADM will also be featuring a special Hot Wheels® kid’s sundae in their new Ice Cream Station ice cream parlor.

Each Hot Wheels Garage is an opportunity to highlight a local community group. This month we are spotlight ESMOA, an art laboratory located on Main Street in El Segundo, California. Provocative, functional and agile, the art space has functioned as a catalyst for creative thinking and expression. Learn more at esmoa.org

May 7thnd, 2016 10am-1pm

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Upcoming Hot Wheels Garage Events:



May 7

June 4


August 6


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Hot Wheels Garage entrance fee includes admission to the Main ADM Building.

Adults – $10
Seniors (62 and older) – $8
Children 10-17 – $5
Children under 10 – Free
Family of Four – $25
Sponsors (Join Now) – Free



Gallery of Past Events (Life-Sized Hot Wheels on display vary between events.)


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Hot Wheels Garage is one of the many fun things to do in Los Angeles on Red Tricycle.[/column]

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Hot Wheels Garage was featured in the New York Daily News.