• January 11, 2024

The Zimmerman Welcomes the 1949 Kurtis Sports Car

1949 Kurtis Sport Car on display at the ZADM

The Zimmerman Welcomes the 1949 Kurtis Sports Car

The Zimmerman Welcomes the 1949 Kurtis Sports Car 875 492 Automobile Driving Museum

In the quiet corners of the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum, where the whispers of automotive history linger like echoes, a new star has graced the stage. Enter the 1949 Kurtis Sport Car, a motoring symphony meticulously composed in steel and leather, now on loan to the museum for a limited time from MotorTrend, adding a chapter of elegance to an already illustrious tale of automotive marvels.

One cannot help but marvel at the Kurtis, the third of only 18 ever made, a creation that transcends mere machinery. The smooth lines and sinuous curves of this motoring masterpiece beckon the eye and invite one to linger, as if standing before a great work of art. This automobile, with its sleek silhouette and timeless design, stands as a testament to an era when craftsmanship and style were paramount in the automotive world.

The 1949 Kurtis Sports Car, now a distinguished member of the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum family, embodies the spirit of an age when driving was not merely a means of transportation but a passionate affair, a ballet of horsepower and elegance on the open road. In the museum’s curated space, surrounded by other American masterpieces, the Kurtis takes its place as a luminary, a star of automotive history.

The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum, with its commitment to preserving automotive heritage, welcomes the 1949 Kurtis Sports Car with open arms for a limited time, ensuring that its story remains alive and vibrant for generations to come. In this automotive sanctuary, the Kurtis stands as a living testament to the timeless allure of exceptional design and the enduring romance of the open road.

You can also read MotorTrend’s eloquent 2019 homage to the Kurtis in an article that chronicles the journey of this sports car, from its inception to its place of honor at MotorTrend and now on display at the Zimmerman:

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