• March 19, 2021

A Love Story & a Morgan

Morgan CLU 81

A Love Story & a Morgan

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Like humans, most vehicles are created full of potential. With the patina of age, automobiles develop personalities imbued by their owners and earned through shared experiences. The cars at the Automobile Driving Museum all have stories.

The Automobile Driving Museum’s 1935 Morgan Three-Wheeler, License Plate CLU 81

In March, 2021, the Automobile Driving Museum was contacted by an English woman named Sue Edgecombe, who told us the story of the 1935 Morgan Three-Wheeler in our collection. It had been owned by her parents in the 1950s.

CLU-ey and family in Banbury, 1956

This 1935 Morgan, nicknamed CLU-ey after her license plate CLU 81, was purchased by Peter Tutton when he finished his National Service with the Royal Air Force, in 1954. A year later, Peter met Dee, and the young couple drove in the Morgan to ballroom dancing events where they were quite dashing foxtrotters. On weekends they drove to Morgan Owners Club meets around England. Or, if Peter wasn’t tinkering on the car, they would drive to nature reserves to picnic. 

Sue Edgecombe wrote:

“It has been a real delight for me to have the opportunity to reminisce with Mum and discover more about her and Dad’s early days.”

1957-03-02 Cutting the wedding cake

Peter and Dee Tutton wedding, 1957

“Mum and Dad were married in Banbury on 2nd March 1957. Mum was 19 and Dad was 24 years of age.

Their wedding reception was overlooking the famous Banbury Cross monument (see pictures attached)
There’s a famous poem about Banbury Cross….


Banbury Cross


‘Ride a Cock horse to Banbury Cross

To see a Fyne Lady on her white horse,

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

She shall have music wherever she goes’



Fyne Lady on a white horse



After their wedding, the following day, they drove 122 miles from Banbury in the county of Oxfordshire to a hotel on 

the Bournemouth seafront in Dorset on the South coast. (see map)

Banbury to BournemouthAlthough today the journey would take about 2 hours 15 minutes, in 1957 the roads were not great and in places still in disrepair after the war.

Mum recalls the journey took about 6 hours. You had to have much love and dedication to want to drive in a Morgan as the ride was cold, even in the middle of a British summer, and the suspension pretty uncomfortable.”

“But you don’t notice when you are young and in love !! :)”


Bournemouth-Pier-approach-historic-imageDee even rode in the car when she was heavily pregnant. She and her children reminisce fondly about good times spent as a young family with CLU-ey.

Dee Tutton is 84 years old and living in the United Kingdom. Her story, and that of the Morgan CLU 81, was brought to us by Dee’s daughter, Sue Edgecombe, in March 2021.

Dee Tutton is a Great Grandmother. Nana Dee is pictured with Sue’s son, who she says is ‘a true “petrol-head.”

Thank you so much for your time and effort in bringing Mum and Dad’s Morgan story alive. It is very much appreciated.

With kindest regards,
Sue Edgecombe”

A Love Story & A Morgan
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A Love Story & A Morgan
The story of a car's role in building the relationship between a young couple.
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