• February 14, 2015

Love Your Car Exhibit

Love Your Car Exhibit

Love Your Car Exhibit 150 150 Automobile Driving Museum

Put your love on display! Share your memories of a car you love and why the car is so meaningful to you and we will add it to our exhibit, which is on display now.

A first date, a trek across country, a frantic drive to the hospital to deliver your child; all of these types of events help form special memories for you. It doesn’t matter if the car was perfect, new, valuable or expensive. Maybe this car was the family hand-me-down, or an old beater that you bought in college. Maybe this car was the first car you ever worked on because you could not afford to have it fixed. It’s the experiences that you had with this car that create the love. 

Write down your story and attach a picture or drawing. You can mail or drop off your postcard.

Love Your Car Postcard