• April 23, 2015

1982 Delorean

1982 Delorean

1982 Delorean Automobile Driving Museum

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Body Style: Stainless steel
Factory Price: $25,000 ($62,300 in 2007)
Production: 8,583 total units
Weight: 2,712 lbs.
Engine: Peugeot / Renault / Volvo V-6
Horse Power: 130 @ 5,500 rpm
Litres/cc: 2.8L/2,849 cc
Wheel Base: 95 in.
Transmission: 5 speed manual 3 speed automatic available
Brakes: Disc brakes


[column grid=”2″ span=”1″] In the last sixty years very few new car enterprises have been launched from the ground up. However, with years of experience in the auto industry, John DeLorean knew that if he wanted to build his own car design, creating his own company was the most direct way. Willing to build a factory in whatever country was going to assist him the most, DeLorean decided on Northern Ireland after the British Prime Minister gave him the nod to a deal that included around $100 million in support.

The DeLorean was intended as safe, technically advanced, limited in production, and high-priced. Millions of dollars were spent on “engineering development”. Production began late, the cars proved disappointing, sold poorly, and a production halt was called to the venture in 1982.

10/21/2015 – the final date in the Back to the Future movies – so then what IS the future like?

Well, we found out.  This is a MAJOR appreance machine – we were welcomed by everyone – truly an automotive celebrity!  In the days leading up to Wednesday 10/21/15 the car had had some refreshing (brakes, bulbs, rearview mirror re-installed, drivers door weather strip, shift boot re-attachment, hood-release cable, rear louver panel alignment) and was now just about ready for the road.

Leaving  the ADM, the DeLorean went straight to my porte’ cochere where hours of intensive exterior detailing were performed in preparation for the dawn debut at our local home car club – The Early Rodders. The mats shampoed and groomed with lanolin, the ruched leather cleaned and treated.  Then the stainless steel was treated and lightly regrained and the intricate cast wheels paid particular attention to .  I lost count after 200 peoples hands Marc and I personally shook – we met legendary stunt driver John-Clay Scott, who was the stunt driver for two of the Back to the Future movies who added to the considerable cache of the appearance – every person we met was told of the Automobile Driving Museum and our ride program.  Marc prepared a detail information board, with many facts and unknown stories of the car – this started many a discussion, it was a lively meet!

At Mugu rock, Marc was swarmed with people who stopped to see the car, many waiting 10 minutes or more to get a picture with the car and to hear the facts of the story and how the Automobile Driving Museum worked.

NASA/JPL is within two miles of my home base.  Marc was able to secure a photo op in the main approach featuring the car under the main gate with it’s tagline “Welcome to our Universe”  Security was more than happy to allow access and he was asked for many individual pics with the car.  Again, each of the people encountered was told of the ADM and left with phamplet and a personal invitaiton to join us at anytime, especially Sundays.

The curator of the Gamble House is a friend of mine, he allowed us to park the car in front of “Doc Browns” house and garage from the BTF movies.  People veered quickly off of Orange Grove Boulevard when suddenly spying the iconic car in front of it’s movie home.  Tourists and locals alike were met with a smile and an opportunity to have a pic with the car – as well as the invitation to join us at the ADM.

Oh, those four Police encounters – well you’ll just have to ask us about them. Suffice to say though, we were not arrested and those law enforcement officers were nothing but polite with us – and us with them.  They too, also found out about the Automible Driving Museum with a personal invitation to come to El Segundo.

I’m figuring 400 people reached is an underestimate, but if worked well for the headline.

It’s was a pleasure for Marc and I to represent the Automobile Driving Museum, truly enjoyable.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Gill (ADM volunteer)


1982 Delorean DMC 12