• April 25, 2016

1958 MGA Roadster

1958 MGA Roadster

1958 MGA Roadster Automobile Driving Museum

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Body Style: Two door roadster, Series 1500
Factory Price: N/A
Production: 58,750 (1955-59)
Weight: 1,988 lbs.
Engine: 4-cylinder
Horse Power: 72 (net) @ 5,500 rpm
Cubic Inches: 1,489 cc
Wheel Base: 94 in.
Transmission: 4 speed on the floor
Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic


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The TC, TD, and TF series introduced in 1949 gave way to the new MGA series in 1955. This new aerodynamic design was fitted with a new Austin designed engine, some of which came equipped with twin OHC. The majority were the standard single cam as was the T series. With the new body design, engine, and higher axle ratio, the MGA could easily reach 100 miles per hour. The 78 bhp push rod OHV engine that was fitted to MGA models provided tremendous performance with traditional MG dependability. The MGA was the latest car to have a hand crank.