• April 27, 2015

1951 Hudson Super Six

1951 Hudson Super Six

1951 Hudson Super Six Automobile Driving Museum

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Body Style: Sedan
Factory Price: $2,287
Production: 22,530
Weight: 3,565 lbs.
Engine: 6-cylinder
Horse Power: 123
Cubic Inches: 262
Wheel Base: 124 in.
Transmission: 3 speed column shift
Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic

[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]Hudson sales went up in 1948 w/the mid-year introduction of the new step- down design to 117,200 units and 144,685 units for 1949. This step-down design carried through the 1954 series with minor design modifications.
The now famous “step-down design” completely surrounded the passengers with strong frame girders being one of the safest cars for passengers of the day or safest ever. The design was rattle free, low center of gravity, great handling, smoothe ride, and large interior space. The design evolved from wartime doodles of aerodynamic forms from team designer Frank Spring and was ahead of the times with the innovative “step-down design”.
Independents like Hudson, Nash, Studebaker, and Packard shared the same problem, to little money for enough change/s to keep buyers interested which in turn resulted in fewer sales and less money for new products.