• April 6, 2015

1916 Packard Twin Six Convertible

1916 Packard Twin Six Convertible

1916 Packard Twin Six Convertible 1024 576 Automobile Driving Museum

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Body Style: 4 passenger roadster
Factory Price: $2,865
Production: 4,950, this model estimated 30 total
Weight: 4,200 lbs.
Engine: Twin Six (V-12)
Horse Power: 88 @ 2600 rpm
Cubic Inches: 424.1
Wheel Base: 126 in.
Transmission: 3 speed manual
Brakes: 2 wheel mechanical


[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]The new Twin Six was a vehicle that would place Packard in the luxury car market and set the tone of Packard’s strategy for many years to come. This car was produced in August 1916 and delivered to Mr. J. D. Harding of Chicago. Mr. Harding made some minor body modifications to the car in the 1920s. Since that time these modifications have been reversed so that the car is now completely original and correct, exactly as it was when it was built.
After much research, it is believed that this car is one of only three in existence. Of the three, one sits before you in the museum, one remains in need of restoration, and one is undergoing a $250,000 restoration in Virginia. The factory slogan back in 1916 was “The Twin Six Owns the Road” and indeed it did. Even after this many years the slogan rings true, as this model is still a delight to drive.