• August 26, 2020

Vintage Car vs. Limousine Rental: Which is Best?

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Vintage Car vs. Limousine Rental: Which is Best?

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Couples spend an average of $800 on wedding transportationWhy not use that money toward something truly unique with a vintage car rental for wedding transportation instead of a limo?

Renting a limo is the classic option, but a vintage car gives you and your wedding guests a unique experience. Before booking your wedding transportation, consider the pros and cons of each option. Looking at the benefits of vintage cars can help you decide if it fits with what you want on your wedding day.

Keep reading to check out seven reasons to choose a vintage car to get you to your wedding venue.

1. Make a Statement

Marriage Sign at ADMWedding guests are used to seeing limos. They pull up at weddings all the time, and you often see them driving around town, especially during prom season.

So it won’t be surprising to your guests if a stretch limo pulls up in front of your wedding venue.

Vintage cars aren’t as common at weddings or around town. When one pulls up, you immediately take notice because it’s not a common sight. 

Choosing a vintage car as your wedding transportation makes an impression on your guests. It’s something more memorable than the standard limo option. Your guests will likely talk about it for some time after the wedding.

Check out vintage car rental options to find one with reputable service and professional chauffeurs. Having a chauffeur drive you around on your wedding day adds to the charm and uniqueness of the situation. 

2. Get Unique Wedding Photos

Roberto & Nicole Wedding - Rent a Vintage Car for your weddingA vintage car creates a unique backdrop for your wedding photos. You can take photos in and near a limo, but they don’t have the same uniqueness as vintage automobiles.

No matter where it’s parked, the vintage car makes your wedding photos stunningly beautiful.

You can pose near the vehicle and inside of it to capture the experience in the photos.

Photos taken through the window with you and your spouse inside make a creative perspective.

Your guests might even enjoy snapping their own candid photos in front of the vintage car rental. 


3. Enjoy an Intimate Experience

Many couples rent limos large enough for the entire wedding party. It can be fun to celebrate with your entire party, but a little intimacy is also nice.

On your wedding day, you’ll spend a lot of time talking to other people. You won’t get much alone time with your spouse.

When you rent a vintage car, it usually just has enough space for you and your spouse plus the driver.

Choosing this transportation option gives you a private little retreat on your wedding day so you can enjoy quiet moments with your new spouse.

The smaller size of a vintage car compared to a limo makes it easier for the driver to navigate, and it fits in any parking lot without blocking anything.

This can make you feel more comfortable with the experience, which helps you relax and enjoy the time in the car.

4. Have a Personal Connection

Valentine's Day RidesVintage cars can add a personal touch to your wedding day. Maybe your great grandparents owned a Packard car, so you want to have one at your wedding.

The personal connection could simply be a love of a particular type of vintage cars. You might surprise your spouse with a favorite type of vintage car as the wedding transportation.

Limos don’t have that same personal connection for most people. They’re convenient, but they don’t really make a personal statement.

5. Fit With Your Vintage Wedding Theme

Speakeasy party Ideas Great GatsbyIf you’re planning a vintage wedding theme, choosing a vintage car is the perfect addition to the theme.

You can rent a limo for the celebration, but a vintage automobile helps create the overall look and theme, even outside of your wedding venue.

It looks even better with your vintage wedding dress and clothes.

When choosing a vintage vehicle, think about the era you’re representing in your wedding theme.

If you’re planning a flapper-style wedding, look for a vehicle from the 1920s to match.

6. Choose From Many Options

Classic Car Museum and Event Space for WeddingsLimos come in some variations in size, color, and style, but they all have a similar look. They’re elegant and upscale, but you don’t have too many different options in appearance.

Vintage cars come in all different makes, models, and styles. You can choose an old convertible if you want to have the top down so everyone can see you better as you drive around town.

You can choose a wide range of ages, from classic cars that are more than 20 years old, antique cars are more than 45 years old, and vintage cars, typically including those built between 1919 and 1930. 

Vintage cars also come in a wide range of colors with various details. This allows you to find a vintage car in a color that you love or that matches your wedding colors.

With so many different options, each has a very distinct look when compared to a limo. This variation makes it easier to find something that expresses your style as a couple and fits with the overall look of your wedding.

7. Enjoy a Unique Experience

Roberto & Nicole Wedding - Rent a Vintage Car for your wedding 3Since most people don’t own vintage cars, riding in one is a unique experience.

The inside is completely unlike modern cars or limos, which adds an exciting twist to your wedding transportation.

When you ride around in a vintage car, all eyes are on you.

Seeing everyone look makes you feel like you’re the star of the show, which is exactly how you want to feel on your wedding day.

The unique experience can make you feel like you’ve gone back in time or you’re living in a fairy tale. That experience makes your wedding day even more magical and memorable.

Vintage Car Rental for Wedding Transportation

When considering a vintage car rental for wedding transportation, consider all of the benefits of this unique vehicle option. It’s an impressive way to stand out on your wedding day while getting where you need to go.

We can help make your special day even more unique. Learn more about our private event options.