• October 16, 2020

The Benefits of Having a Themed Wedding

50s themed wedding

The Benefits of Having a Themed Wedding

The Benefits of Having a Themed Wedding 900 600 Automobile Driving Museum

Did you know that over 50% of Americans get married each year? Are you planning to get married soon, too?

Marriage is a special milestone in our lives. That’s why you must work hard to ensure that it’s memorable, fondly remembering it for the rest of your days. But without professional help, you won’t know what to do.

With this guide, you’ll learn about the reasons why themed weddings are the best. That way, you’ll have a more creative way of sharing your matrimonial vows. Read on and find out more:

1. Themed Weddings Add Excitement

50s Themed WeddingRegardless of whether you’re adventurous, you’re likely searching for something to spice up your wedding experience. You aren’t alone since your potential guests are looking for the same. To build more excitement, you must plan for a wedding theme and send out appropriate invitation cards consistent with the theme.

For example, if you’re fond of pirate movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean, you can make your wedding theme centered around it. That means decorating your invitation card with appropriate designs, like skulls and swords. As for your reception, your decoration should match it.

The wedding’s food and beverages, as well as entertainment items, must fit your theme. Using the same example, serving meat and rum is something consistent with the pirate theme. As for entertainment, dancing or musical ensembles can fit the theme, as long as everyone is in their best pirate costumes.

The reception’s centerpiece must reflect the theme you set. It’s always exciting to see a miniature replica of the Black Pearl ship somewhere within your location. With this, you’re assured of a fun, cheerful wedding ceremony.

2. Adding a Theme Can Reduce Costs

Themed WeddingLots of couples assume that giving a specific theme to your wedding means spending more. Take note, the average wedding costs in the United States is $33,900–a significant drop from the $35,000 from three years ago. It’s because people nowadays go for non-traditional wedding themes.

When you pick a theme for your wedding, you’re likely to pay for an all-inclusive wedding ceremony package for it. This will include the food, venue, decoration, and more. These components adhere to the theme you want, meaning it limits the things you pay for.

For example, if you’re a vintage car lover, you limit yourself to a venue featuring a classic car museum. It also means not having to shop for a wide array of decorations that might not work well together. With a theme, you get consistency with every minute detail of your wedding.

3. A Theme Brings Out Your Couple Personality

theme-wedding ideasThe primary reason to choose a theme for your wedding is to showcase your interests as individuals and as partners. Regardless of whether you’re a beach or car lover, let it show on your wedding theme.

It also lets people know the type of couple you are, be it romantic or adventurous.

Also, having a wedding theme sharing the joy of your interests with your friends and loved ones. This also makes them more thoughtful about their wedding gifts. It ensures that you get things you truly appreciate.

4. A Theme Makes the Wedding Unique

Regardless of how adventurous you are, you want to do something no one else did before.

With an interesting and unique theme, your wedding becomes the talk of the town.

You won’t leave your guests wanting since you won’t stick to the same flowers, cuisines, and entertainment.

Instead, your guests will enjoy the novelty and fun your wedding brings. This makes them cherish the memories more as time passes. The best part is that you might end up making a new trend other couples can imitate.

5. Wedding Themes Get Everyone Involved

50s theme weddingIf you have a themed wedding, you get the privilege of asking your guests to become more involved. They can do this by dressing up to match the theme you set.

This also makes interacting between guests easier since the theme lets them share experiences in games, traditions, and more.

For example, a festival-themed wedding can get everyone to interact with each other with outdoor games. Let them wear festive outfits and see whether they’re more likely to talk with each other.

6. Having a Theme Brings Out Your Fun and Creative Side

1950s-retro- theme wedding-With a themed wedding, you have a great way of exploring the limits of your creativity. It also serves as a way of treating your loved ones to a unique and fun event.

If you and your spouse dreamed of weddings for a long time, deciding the theme is a golden opportunity to make your ultimate wedding fantasy into reality.

With a wedding theme, the planning process becomes less tedious and more fun. The results of this wonderful process are something everyone will appreciate. Again, a wedding theme brings out your personality, so it’s better to make it fun.

7. Wedding Themes Help You Start Planning

planning themed wedding

With a wedding theme, you have a starting point you can cling on. This is important, especially if you want to avoid the stress of deciding traditional wedding elements.

After all, it tends to become overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to look.

Your wedding planner will love working with you if they know you have a concrete idea for a theme. Instead of presenting you hundreds of options for a wedding, they need only show 5 to 10 that fit your desired wedding theme. This makes the planning process easier to do, especially if you’re racing against time.

Having a theme makes choosing anything related to your wedding boil down to a single question: “Does it fit my wedding theme?” This makes it easier to make a call, no matter what component of the wedding you’re deciding on.

Get a Good Wedding Venue Today!

These are some of the best reasons to have a themed wedding. Use these if you’re looking for inspiration. After all, a wedding is a major part of your life, meaning you must make it as unique and as memorable as possible.

Do you need a great wedding venue? If so, contact us today and let us help.