Rides for Warriors

Rides for Warriors

The Automobile Driving Museum has partnered with Operation Mend and The Veteran Administration to offer special experiences to our veterans.

Operation Mend,  through UCLA, transports vets around the nation to their hospital throughout the year for medical and psychological assistance.

The Veteran Administration works with local vets living in the area.

The Museum offers two events per month—one for UCLA and one for the Vets Administration.  We offer the veterans rides in our classic and collector cars, lunch at a local restaurant or catered to the museum, and ice cream in our 1950’s themed parlor.  The Pin-Ups for Vets may come for photo opportunities with the guests.

We hope you will consider a sponsorship or donation to this program.  We would like to allow more veterans to visit us per month and more families to enjoy this together.  As a blue star museum offering free admission to all active military duty families and veterans, this extends our support of their commitment to our country and shows our respect and belief in what they offer to all of us.

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