• September 26, 2019

Yutaka Katayama AKA Mr. K

Yutaka Katayama AKA Mr. K

Yutaka Katayama AKA Mr. K 1024 580 Automobile Driving Museum

This Saturday, the Automobile Driving Museum will host its annual JDM at the ADM. The car show is designed to bring together drivers of the best Japanese rides in So Cal. A great figure known in the Japanese car community is Yutaka Katayama, better known as Mr. K.

Mr. K, “Father of the Datsun Z-Car,” is responsible for the Datsun 240Z’s concept. According to ZCarGuide.com, “The 240Z took off like a rocket in the American market. Dealers across the country had waiting lists sometimes as much as a year long for the stylish new sportscar. In the coming years, the 240Z would transition to the 280Z, and then the 280ZX, and on, but Katayama’s work was done — he retired in 1977. Mr. K’s legacy was already set firmly in place, and he remained as enthusiastic a “car-guy” as ever. Mr. K frequently traveled to Z-car events, never shy to pose for a picture with a fan or sign an autograph. Mr.K was inducted into the Automotive Hall of fame in 1968. Katayama was a prominent figure in the Z-car community right up until the end. Mr. K passed away in 2015 at the age of 105, peacefully, with his family by his side.”

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