• November 2, 2021

8 Reasons to Host Your Next Business Conference at a Car Museum

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8 Reasons to Host Your Next Business Conference at a Car Museum

8 Reasons to Host Your Next Business Conference at a Car Museum 1024 768 Automobile Driving Museum

Business conferences are exactly what you make of them; they can be informative, memorable, and fun, or they can be boring and make your guests wonder why they showed up at all.

The atmosphere of a business conference is a crucial detail that can make or break the success of the conference. 

Anyone can rent a simple room or hall for their corporate event or business event, but wouldn’t you rather invite your guests somewhere special that they will remember?

If you are hosting a conference and looking to create a unique and lasting impression, consider hosting your event at a car museum. 

The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum is a spacious, classy, and unique space that will turn your next event into something people will remember and talk about.

Read on to find out the 8 reasons why you should host your next business conference at a car museum!

1. Everyone Loves a Classic Car

1956 Cadillac Coupe De Ville in the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum photographed by Ian Wood @eanofoto on Instagram.

A car museum is plain, old-fashioned fun. Even if your guests are not “car people” or don’t know anything about cars, everyone can appreciate vintage or rare cars. 

Car shows have grown in popularity over the years, and there’s a good reason for it – they’re fun! A car museum brings that same car show energy, but in a more private way, with fewer crowds. 

Your guests will appreciate you providing an interesting backdrop for your business conference, even if it is focused on a topic they are not familiar with. 

2. It Provides Talking Points

El Segundo Automobile Driving Museum Venue Rental

The Zimmerman Exhibit floor offers over 5,200 Sq ft of space for your guests.

It’s always a good idea, from a social standpoint, to provide your guests with a unifying point of entertainment. 

This gives everyone something to talk about when the conversation isn’t centered on business.

It can start conversations between strangers, end awkward conversation lulls, and give people something to focus on when they want a break from business.

3. There’s a Plan for Every Party

Event Space for Rent in Southbay Car MuseumNo matter the size or vibe of your event, there is something that the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum can do to best meet your needs.

The museum regularly hosts events, both public and private. We offer several venues to choose from depending on the details of your event. 

Our 610 Lairport space has an old-fashioned, vintage feel to it and features views of our primary car collection. 

Our Packard Ballroom seats up to 250 people. Our main museum floor is available for parties of 300 or more. For smaller or more intimate affairs, our ice cream parlor is available for parties of 40 or less.

If you want to maintain a business feel, we also have an executive conference room in our library that fits up to 25 people or less.

Whatever size party you’re hosting, there are options for you. 

4. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice Cream Parlor in El Segundo

Pattrick serving a double scoop in our 1950s style Ice Cream Parlor

If you want your business event to have an air of fun and whimsy, try hosting your event in our 1950’s themed ice cream parlor. 

Not only will your guests remember the fun they had, but they won’t be able to forget our delicious selection of frozen treats.

Our ice cream parlor offers ice cream, ice cream floats, ice cream sandwiches, and a variety of sodas. 

5. Support a Local L.A. Museum

El Segundo Car Museum

Cadillac Fest X at The Zimmerman

Los Angeles is home to many attractions, including a variety of diverse museums. That’s one of the reasons people love to visit L.A. and see all the sights. 

These attractions are able to stay a part of the L.A. scene because of the support from local and private patrons who chose to spend or donate money

Sure, you could rent a standard hall or meeting room for your event. But when you choose to spend your money on your next event, wouldn’t it feel good to know that it will go towards a unique L.A. nonprofit?

6. Learn Something New

classic car rentals Did you know that you have the option of renting a vintage car from our museum? You can rent a car that was made between 1886 to 2000 for private events or film shoots. If you didn’t already know this, this is one of the many things you would learn upon visiting us. 

Our museum offers a variety of learning opportunities that you and your guests won’t soon forget. Our collection features educational displays that teach guests about the evolution of automobiles. 

We even offer a program for Da Vinci High School students that want to learn how to rebuild a classic car. The students learn basic auto care, maintenance, and restoration. 

Did you know you can also adopt any of our available cars in the museum? Any car that is not currently claimed is up for adoption on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If you love classic cars, you can also become one of our volunteers. We need volunteers to act as docents and lead tours, work in our restoration shop, organize, and drive the cars to special events. 

You’re bound to learn something new anytime you stop by our museum, including at a business event.

7. It’s in the Perfect Location

South Bay Classics Car ShowOur museum is located in a convenient area for guests, whether they are from out of town or are local. 

We are located right near LAX airport and a number of hotel options. We are also near Dockweiler Beach and two major freeways, the 105 and 405. 

There are many options for dining and socializing within the nearby El Segundo areas. 

8. Choose to Stand Out

Gassers 7 Chevy at the ADM

Gassers 7 at The Zimmerman.

It’s important that your guests have a comfortable and relaxed time while also still getting down to business. 

The business aspect will come naturally, but what about the atmosphere aspect? 

It’s important to create a space where people are experiencing new surroundings as well as talking shop and making acquaintances.

You will stand out in the world of business meetings when you choose a fun location.

Plan Your Business Conference Today 

Now that you know that the Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum is the perfect place for your next business conference, it’s time to check out your options for yourself. 

Tell us about the kind of event you’re planning and we’ll get back to you with details shortly after!