• October 29, 2021

Need Halloween Plans? Come Visit Our Spooky Car Cruise

Trunk or Treat at El Segundo Zimmerman

Need Halloween Plans? Come Visit Our Spooky Car Cruise

Need Halloween Plans? Come Visit Our Spooky Car Cruise 1024 768 Automobile Driving Museum

Did you know that car cruise-ins became popular back in the 1950s after the end of WWII? 

As the automobile industry boomed, and more households began buying their own cars, car cruise-ins began to surface. Drivers of all ages would gather to show off their vehicles and socialize. 

These days, car enthusiasts will host similar events to admire, judge, and display some of the most prestigious vintage and classic cars around. Some groups even add special themes to their gatherings, like our Halloween-themed cruise-in coming up. 

You might be wondering, what is a car cruise and what do I do at one? Great questions! Keep reading to learn all you need to know about car cruises, what you should bring to one, and what to do while attending.

Basics of a Car Cruise

Spooky Car Cruise-In in El SegundoWhile car cruises and car shows are similar, they are quite different. Car shows are typically a sponsored formal gathering you must register for that can last up to several days. Oftentimes, there is a panel of judges that votes and awards exclusive prizes to the best-looking cars. 

A cruise-in typically lasts only a few hours and is oftentimes organized through local communities or car enthusiasts. They too can have raffles, contests, product swaps, and other common amenities found at car shows.

Cruise-ins are a great place for vintage car owners and automobile lovers to network, admire gorgeous cars, and support local businesses.

What to Do 

Old School Dodge Charger Spooky Cruise-InThe best part about car cruises is observing all of the cool automobiles. Events like these can attract anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand participants. That’s a lot of hotrods, muscle, and classic cars to gawk over. 

A lot of cruise-ins have a variety of vendors that display their project cars, recent builds, and other goodies. Getting to know some of the vendors at local car cruise nights is a great way to begin making connections with your local car community. 

The best aspect of a car cruise is socializing and networking. Many car enthusiasts have connections to cheap car parts, the best automotive painters, and other useful business owners. Talking with some people at a car cruise is one of the best ways to meet professionals for your next car repair or project.

Cruise-ins may also have food trucks, kids’ activities, raffles, and live music to listen to. Many encourage you to bring your family to enjoy some good food, music, and awesome cars. 

What to Bring

Cruise-In Sign at The ADMCar cruises can most often occur during the summer months. Because of this, it’s important to bring plenty of sun protection including sunscreen, sunglasses, hats..etc. 

You’ll also want to bring a camera to take pictures of all of the unique vehicles. It also might be smart to bring a few extra snacks just in case. 

If you have a car that you plan to enter, you’ll want to be sure to bring all of the necessary registration tags and other documents. To add to this, bring the car information as well to let spectators know your car’s rich history.

Also when entering, it’s smart to bring towels, polish, and other cleaning materials to make sure your car keeps its shine throughout the event. Also, bring some portable lights if there are any specific features you want to showcase. 

Finally, if you’re going to a cruise-in, be sure to bring some foldable chairs! It can be hard to accurately estimate seating with events like this, so if you want to sit down, be sure to bring your own chair. 

Cruise-In Etiquette 

Classic BuickWhile at a cruise-in, it is important to observe all of the local rules for the event. Additionally, there is general etiquette that attendees are asked to follow. 

First off, when you do bring children or pets, it is important to keep them within your control. Because these events involve moving vehicles, it can be dangerous to let kids and pets run without a leash or supervision. 

Secondly, be respectful. There are a lot of cars on display, and not all of them will meet your expectations. When it comes to critiquing another’s work, be sure that it has value. 

To add to this, be helpful when walking around. Sometimes car owners or vendors might need a hand with something. Be sure to help out when you can. 

Finally, when at a car show, be respectful of surrounding businesses. Be mindful about how loud your car and music are, and try to not disturb the establishments around you. 

Check out this article for more information about the proper etiquette for car cruises and shows.

The Trunk or Treat Spooky Car Cruise-In

Trunk or Treat at The ZimmermanNow that Halloween is upon us, it’s time to make plans. The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum is hosting a Halloween-themed cruise-in for car enthusiasts of all ages. 

The event is open to all vintage, classic, custom cars and hearses and will have a variety of activities to participate in. We’ll have a costume contest, Folklorico dancers, plenty of food, and tons of games. Our museum vintage car floor with over 130 vehicles to observe will also be open for casual viewing.

Cruise on In

If you’re looking for connections in your local car community, or are trying to show off a car of your own, attending a local car cruise is a very rewarding option. Car cruises offer a variety of activities for patrons to participate in and are a great way to bring the community together to support local businesses. 

If you’re looking for a fun family-friendly car-themed event to attend this Halloween, come to our “Trunk or Treat” Spooky Car Cruise-In. Let your kids dress up in their favorite costumes, eat ice cream, and play fun games while in the presence of historically rich, classic, and vintage cars. 

For more information about The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum, visit us today.