• May 23, 2021

Drive-In Concert Checklist: What to Bring for the Best Experience

Drive-In Concert Checklist: What to Bring for the Best Experience

Drive-In Concert Checklist: What to Bring for the Best Experience

Drive-In Concert Checklist: What to Bring for the Best Experience 1024 537 Automobile Driving Museum

Summer Swing Nights El Camino CollegeThis pandemic had us locked in our homes for almost a year and a half.

When concerts, movie theaters, and sporting events shut down, drive-in theaters became the go-to place where small groups of people could gather around yet have some social distance.

Yet although concerns about the pandemic have happily decreased, the drive-in movie theater and concert experience like Summer Swing Nights remain very popular.

lawn chairs for tailgate party

The checklist below is simple and will help make your drive-in experience the most enjoyable night at the Drive-In.

Come prepared, enjoy your night, and have some fun with family and friends.

1. Blankets & Pillows for Comfort

Pillows and blankets for drive-in

Having a good time at a drive-in means covering the basics and being prepared once the sun sets and the weather begins to chill.

To ensure your comfort, remember to bring your blankets and pillows.

Stay warm and comfy with your date, sneak a smooch or two under the covers, and create a romantic environment at the drive-in. 


2. Food

Drive In Checklist

Tailgating interior beauty shot; Dijon-Bacon Dip for Pretzels; Tailgate Sausages

Summer Swing Nights: Drive-In Edition at El Camino will have plenty of food trucks for your dining pleasure – or you can order a pizza from your favorite restaurant, pick up some tacos or make a couple of sandwiches.

Consider bringing your own utensils so you can skip the plasticware.

Don’t forget napkins, paper plates and baby wipes to clean your hands.


3. Foldable Chairs

Summer Swing Nights Cars

You can sit and stay in your car or bring some foldable chairs to set up your seating outside of your car.

The chairs work best if you have a truck and a higher view, but you can also place the chairs outside of your car if you have a group of people in your caravan.


4. Snacks and Drinks


Grab some ice and pack your cooler with your favorite snacks and drinks you want.

Have a sweet tooth?

Get those chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne for a very special date, but no need to get too fancy if it’s just you and the gang.

A nice bottle of wine (pick a designated driver, please) and a cheese plate with some of your favorite meats are perfect to snack on.


5. Portable Radio 

best-portable speaker-lineup-medium

If you have a wireless portable speaker, this will work perfectly and will be able to sync up with the WiFi.

Make sure it’s charged up!


A lot of drive-ins use FM radio to deliver the sound, but you don’t want to drain your car’s battery using the stereo. So bring a battery-powered portable radio or boom box instead. You’ll be able to hear the show no matter how you situate yourself.


Use this checklist to have the best time at your local drive-in the next time you catch a show! And for sure, catch Summer Swing Nights: Drive-In Edition at El Camino College on Saturday, June 12, Saturday, August 7, and Saturday, September 4.