• November 12, 2021

10 Things People Love About the Iconic American Muscle Car

Classic Camaro at the Zimmerman in EL Segundo

10 Things People Love About the Iconic American Muscle Car

10 Things People Love About the Iconic American Muscle Car 1024 561 Automobile Driving Museum

The first “muscle car” was released in 1949 by Oldsmobile. This was before the term had even come into existence. The Rocket 88 was complete with a V8 engine and a scaled-back body. Most people seem to think about the 60s and 70s when it comes to muscles cars when they were at their peak in popularity.

Some of that popularity has lived on within the hearts of those who love automobiles. But, why have muscle cars survived the test of time so far? Read on to find out ten reasons why people love these iconic vehicles!

1. Restoration Process

Restoring a classic car at the Automobile Driving Museum

From our all-female restoration classes at the ZADM

Classic muscle cars have become more than just a vehicle to get around in. People invest their time and money into these cars. For some people, this hobby consumes a lot of their time.

It’s quite a process to restore them as well. There is time spent hunting down parts, traveling to junkyards or dealerships, working on the car, and finally showing it off. Some people can become obsessive about the restoration process. However, this hobby can be a great way to relieve stress from our everyday lives.

And boy is the journey worth it! The pride and joy that you will feel from completing a restoration is truly something to be experienced.

2. Complete Uniqueness

Shelby car show gauges

From the Shelby Car Show at the ZADM

Most vehicles these days are meant to get you from one place to the next. Many people don’t take much time to think about the appearance of their car other than picking a color when they bought it. Even then, you only have so many options!

Restored muscles cars offer their owners complete uniqueness. This means that they can choose every single aspect of their car right down to the color of the bolts of the hands in the dashboard. That means your car can represent you and your personality or you can go crazy and create a theme you’ve never seen before.

Collectors and fans enjoy seeing those small details. You’re sure to grab attention wherever you go.

3. Presence

El Segundo Car Show Muscle CarSpeaking of grabbing attention, there is nothing like the presence that you’ll be able to give off when you own an iconic American muscle car. When people see these cars out in public, they’ll have questions, want to take photos, and tell you about how they have dreamt of owning a certain vehicle.

4. Preservation of Culture

Preserving Car Culture at the Automobile Driving Museum 1People really enjoy learning about the car cultures of the past. These cars are living proof and staples in the history of automobiles. When you see a classic car you’ll feel the nostalgia whether you were there when they came out or not.

Even without all the bells and whistles of modern technology, these machines are a look into the past. It’s really fun to see how far we’ve come in the last few decades.

5. Sense of Community

Car Clubs and community

Picture from Lions Automobilia Foundation

The sense of community that you get between car fans is like a family. From helping out each other with restorations, chatting about your shared interests, working together, and showing off your cars, this community is simply fun.

There are all sorts of things that you can get involved with that celebrate these iconic muscle cars.

Car shows, conventions, charity events, cruises, and so on are just a handful of events that you might find yourself enjoying. These people who share hobbies can become lifelong friends.

6. Back to Basics

Restoring a classic car

From our all-female restoration classes at the ZADM

As previously mentioned, you won’t find all the driving aids that come with modern vehicles. These cars are simple and can be taken apart and rebuilt by those who own them, most of the time. These classic pieces are timeless.

They are easy to work on with no complicated wires or computers. Instead of focusing on the extra bells and whistles, you can focus on the integrity of the car itself.

7. Body Style

1967 Camaro at the ADM Muscle Car Show

1967 Camaro at the ADM Muscle Car Show

There are some basic criteria that a car must meet for it to be considered a muscle car. One of these is the coupe body that is usually smaller in size than that of its time.

This body style has its advantages as it was smaller and lighter. That means that you have a super-powerful engine and a lightweight car. In turn, you get maximum speed and a sleek look.

8. Racing and Horsepower

Classic Shelby Cobra

Shelby Cobra at the Shelby Car Show at the ZADM

Other than restoring and viewing muscle cars, many people also enjoy racing them. Legally, of course!

The fastest classic muscle car, that was available to the general public, was the 1963 Shelby Cobra 260ci. It could reach 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. The lighter body style mixed with the high horsepower engine was able to deliver an incredibly fast car for those times.

Even today, there are plenty of folks who like to see how they can tune up their classics. There is something raw about racing these cars that were built when the focus was the actual car instead of the total comfort and convenience of the customer.

9. The V8 Engine

V8 Chevy Engine Another general criterion for the classic muscle car is the V8 engine. A V8 offers much more power and acceleration when compared to a V6. The V8 is also ideal for hauling and towing as it offers stable power.

10. Experiencing the Drive

Muscle Car Show Boss Mustang

Muscle Car Show at the Zimmerman

When you hop into a muscle car with a V8 engine, light body, and unique style, you get a total experience. People will fawn over your car as you drive down the road. You’ll feel the power that lies beneath the pressing of the pedal.

Plus, let us just mention the sound of these cars is unbeatable. They are often loud and in your face. You can feel the rumbles of the engine in your chest.

Falling In Love with the Iconic Muscle Car

People around the world have completely fallen in love with the classic American muscle car. And we don’t blame them! There are so many reasons to love these incredible machines and this diverse community.

Are you interested in learning more about the classic muscle car? Plan your visit to come out and immerse yourself in the history of these amazing cars!

Check out the Muscle Car Show video that was hosted at The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum.