• October 20, 2018

All Women’s Restoration Project

All Women’s Restoration Project

All Women’s Restoration Project 720 960 Automobile Driving Museum

The Automobile Driving Museum acquired a 1955 GMC Truck this year and realized it was the perfect “project” car restoration 2018 project for our all women’s restoration program. We have a solid group of women volunteers, some who are experienced, some who have never before looked under the hood of a car, that are coming together to restore “Jimmi”.

Jimmi came to us from the actor Steve Tash in the first quarter of 2018.  Once we received the truck we knew it was going to be our “star car” for our women’s project.  Since then, Jimmi has moved in to our museum shop and has a semi-permanent residency on one of our lifts.  The truck is getting a lot of TLC and recognition and we look forward to exhibiting it sometime in 2019 or 2020!  Our goal is to bring it to The Classic Auto Show and SEMA in the future to share our story.  And we are always looking for PARTS sponsors to get involved if they would like to participate. Currently Rosies WorkWear and Wheel Vintiques have supported us as well as Harmony Productions.

If you are interested in joining us – please contact Marisol Rios at the museum.  The group meets on weekends and spends time in our garage working together bringing this truck back to life!

Car restoration 2018 project warehouse

Women working on 1955 GMC Pick Up car auto restoration