• July 17, 2020

Wife Surprises Husband at Cruise-In!

Ron, Katie, 8-year-old son Tex, and their best friends 1966 Charger

Wife Surprises Husband at Cruise-In!

Wife Surprises Husband at Cruise-In! 1000 946 Automobile Driving Museum

Wife surprises husband at Cruise-In with a very special gift!

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Photo Credit: CarShowSafari.com

Cruise-Ins at the Automobile Driving Museum are always full of great surprises, and this month was no exception.

Especially for unsuspecting Mr. Ron Washington.

His wife, Mrs. Katie Washington, brought him to the June 27th Cruise-In at the museum for his 40th birthday.

She knew he would enjoy seeing the fantastic parade of classic, custom, and collectible cars.

This year’s cruise-ins have featured cars as old as a Ford Model A Hot Rod, as rare as a 1920’s Buick Shafer race car, and as beloved as an Air-Cooled Volkswagen Beetle.

But wife Katie, 8-year-old son Tex, and their best friends had even more in mind when they planned their birthday bash for Ron.

Katie explained to the Automobile Driving Museum, “He has worked really hard taking care of his family…and makes sure we always have what we need.

Ron was admiring the cars one by one when he came across one he had wanted since he was a kid- a black 1966 Dodge Charger fastback.

1966-dodge-charger (9) 1966-dodge-charger (8) 1966-dodge-charger (1) 1966 Dodge Charger fastback 1966-dodge-charger (2) 1966-dodge-charger (6)

Photo credit: RK Motors

He went to read the note on the windshield.

Wife gifts husband 1966 Charger

Marisol Herrera General Manager of the Automobile Driving Museum witnessed what happened next. “I saw his reaction! It was amazing!”

1966 Charger Family

Photo Credit: Mrs. Katie Washington

The happy 40-year-old Ron Washington joyfully thanked his family and took them for a victorious test drive in his new classic car, and a great day was had by all.

Ron in 1966 Charger

Photo Credit: ADM

Katie reminisced, “I wanted to surprise him with an old school car. Together with our best friends we found this car and kept the biggest secret for 5 weeks.”

Our next Cruise-In will be on August 29, 2020.

We would love to see you there!

If you have any questions please feel free to email or give us a call!

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