• May 14, 2015

1951 Nash Super Statesman

1951 Nash Super Statesman

1951 Nash Super Statesman Automobile Driving Museum

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Body Style: Statesman Super Model 5148
Factory Price: $1,955
Production: Year production total 223,400 Statesman production all models 91,800
Weight: 2,970 lbs.
Engine: L-head 6-cylinder
Horse Power: N/A
Cubic Inches: 184
Wheel Base: 112 in.
Transmission: 3 speed column with overdrive
Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic


[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]The Airflyte design was developed during WW II by engineers Ted Ulrich and Nils Erick Wahlberg. The radial bathtub styling was the work of Holden Koto who with partner Ted Pietsch in 1943 showed Wahlberg a scale model like the eventual production Airflyte. The Airflyte was very slick aerodynamically with only 113 pounds of drag at 60 mph.
The Airflyte design carried through 1951 with minor changes for 1952 as a more boxy design. The public loved the aerodynamic design and sales shot up to 130,000.
This happened to be a perfect automobile for the drive-in theater craze. The front seats fold back to give the spectators a very comfortable bed to watch movies on the big screen. The rear window is strategically placed for perfect viewing.