• June 11, 2015

1939 Cadillac Limo

1939 Cadillac Limo

1939 Cadillac Limo Automobile Driving Museum

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Body Style: 7 Passenger sedan
Factory Price: $3,325
Production: Series 75-2,069.  Total production 13,495
Weight: 4,865 lbs
Engine: V-8 L head
Horse Power: 140 @ 3, 400 rpm
Cubic Inches: 346
Wheel Base: 141 in.
Transmission: 3 speed on column
Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic


[column grid=”2″ span=”1″] Both Cadillac and Packard were feeling the depression pinch. Cadillac Model 61 started at $1,695 to attract the public. Packard’s Super 8 model started at $1,650. Cadillac offered the Series 75 with V-8s priced from $3,215 to $5,245 covering 14 models. Top of the line models were Series 90 V-16 covering twelve models from $5,440 to $7,295.

Although Cadillac and Packard were fighting to attract the same market niche, Cadillac had sales of 13,633 cars covering the 60, 61, 75 and 90 models. Packard struggling as an independent sold Super 8s and V-12s with a total production of 18,093 for 1939. The 110 and 120 models had a production of 46,997.

General Motors could afford to underwrite Cadillac’s losses if any; where as an independent Packard was forced to make profits by selling the lower priced 110 & 120 models.

Cadillac is here today and all of the independent manufacturers are out of business.