High School Restoration Program

High School Restoration Program

Your support helps the Da Vinci High School students in this amazing hands-on GMC project! Students participating in this program are currently restoring our 1955 GMC Pickup truck! Students are receiving hands-on experience and have been tasked with the entire re-build of the GMC Pickup truck.  With the help of volunteer docents to oversee the project, the students are working to build the automobile back to standards, making it run efficiently and effectively.

The students, who are also a part of the Science school at Da Vinci, were handpicked for this program by their principal, Steve Wallace. The museum is committed to hosting two classes per week, and during this time our docents educate students in basic auto care and maintenance. The class was designed to focus on auto repair and restoration and the importance of auto shop classes… which have been written out of the common curriculum in recent years. By the end of this year’s (2020) school semester, our collective goal is for the students to have the GMC Pickup running and driving.

Students are learning and gaining skills in the following areas…

  • Fabrication and Reassembly
  • Wiring
  • Fuel System
  • Engine Reassembly
  • Interior Reassembly/Gauges
  • Dashboard Reassembly
  • Installing Seat and Flooring
  • Front Sheet Metal
  • Changing Fuel Pumps
  • Changing Axel/Suspension shocks

Arex (American Racing Experimental)

In the fall of 2019, the students helped remove and install the windshield and dashboard of the Arex to access a brake master cylinder for replacement.

A portion of the donations made to the museum goes toward education and tools, which allows students to gain full hands-on experience, as they work collaboratively in an automotive garage to restore very special, antique, collector vehicles.

Corporate sponsorships are also available.

Please contact Marisol Herrera, 310.529.3799 or marisolh@theadm.org for more information.